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Urbane Welten TV: Who and what makes the city?

In the run-up to Christmas, the Futurium will be transformed into a television studio. Our broadcasting channel Urbane Welten TV will become the stage for a special program on the future of cities. This exclusively digital urban festival focuses on four topics: urban worlds, security, well-being + climate change. We present visions, everyday utopias, development plans and digital participation tools directly to your screens at home and ask about the values, the perspectives, the possibilities and the actors that may shape the cities of the 21st century. Politicians, planners, companies or citizens: Who will be the citymakers of the 21st century? How do they envision, develop and implement change? How much power does each of them hold? Or are there forces beyond our human control?

Click yourself through the following chapters:

3:07 Welcome with Stefan Brandt, Director Futurium

8:33 Urban Futures. Guided Exhibition Tour

13:47 Urban Toolkits: senseBox Making-Of

32:49 Urban Visions for the 21st Century. Lightning Talks and Discussion


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