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Art and the City: How Art Influences our Perception of Public Places.

If you walk through the city with your eyes open, you will discover art in public spaces. It has many facets. From monuments to street musicians, from graffiti to elaborate art campaigns by well-known artists. Architecture and art in public spaces open up new perspectives on life in the city and can therefore improve the quality of life. We talk to our guests about whether this works and how it does so. They come from the fields of neuroaesthetics, philosophy of mind, art and urban policy. We want to know how architecture and art are perceived in the city, how they can change our perception of the city itself and how they can contribute to the mental health of city dwellers. For example, do they manage to bring people together and strengthen the feeling of connection with one's own place of residence? Or challenge us and pull us out of our daily grind? What challenges do they face and how can they be overcome?


Dr. Joerg Fingerhut, cognitive scientist and professor of philosophy of mind

Dr. Ute Müller-Tischler, Head of the Department of Art, Culture and History in Berlin-Mitte

Yasha Young, Innovation Manager, curator and founder of URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Art Berlin

Moderation: Claudio Rimmele - Editor at Qiio Magazine and Creative Director of the future agency Observism


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